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Happy Chappy Pets was founded by Josh Lewis back in 2018 after a beautiful new puppy called Gigi entered his life and CHANGED EVERYTHING.


Gigi was your typical puppy, pure love, non-stop fun, never-ending excitement and of course the occasional accident around the house!

She quickly established a deep connection with me and my partner, something like we had never experienced before in our life up to that point. 

However, suddenly one day our world came crashing down when Gigi was startled by another dog & escaped our watch for a split second, vanishing from sight & subsequently the dog park without leaving a trace. What are we to do? I thought. What can we possibly do to get Gigi home safely? How would anyone know who she is & how to return her home in one piece? She didn't have any of our details on her collar.

It was in this moment I realised how Fundamental Custom ID tags are for your pet. You wouldn't leave home without ID, so why let your dog step outside without theirs? It's the single most effective way to protect your pet and get them home safely in the event something awful happened.

Thankfully a miracle happened, and a few hours later Gigi turned up with a concerned neighbour who had found her cowering in an alley 3 blocks away! If it weren't for this luck we would never have been able to forgive ourselves. This could have been prevented had we known how important dog collars in the first place.

That's why we set up Happy Chappy Pets, to make sure that all pets remain Happy Chappy Pets and never end up like Gigi curled up in an alley lost without her parents.

Getting a collar with your contact details on is the first and most critical part of security for your dog, so we wanted to make personalized collars readily available to all pet owners in a huge array of styles to suit everyone, from Disney Princess to Rugged Rambo!


When you buy from HappyChappyPets.com, you're not buying from a huge organization. Instead, you're buying from a local family-owned business. We love being close to our customers and this ensures you get assistance quickly.
Please let us know how we're doing as we continually strive to make it a better experience to shop with us - your opinion is super important to us!



**Top Quality Products that are made of safe, strong, durable, and long lasting material(s). We test and inspect our products to ensure we provide only the best for our customers!

**To Provide You The Best And Most Affordable Prices. We know that specialty items can get pricey. That's why we work hard to make sure our products are available and affordable for all types of budget(s)! 

**To Provide The Best Customer Service! If you aren't happy, we aren't either!

**We Promise to make your experience easy and incredible! We have a team of pet-loving employees ready to answer all your questions and help you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

We are here to fight and protect our feline friends' well-being and health! Thank you for joining us and believing in our mission! 

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