What You Should Know About Hair Shedding in Dogs

What You Should Know About Hair Shedding in Dogs

Fiona Lewis
Dog hair. It gets everywhere. But as dog owners, we love to have our furry best friend with us everywhere at home and in the car - potentially leaving a disastrous fluffy bomb site mess that will take serious elbow grease to even make a dent!
No matter what dog breed you have, shedding hair is going to be a part of your life, there's nothing we can do about it. What we can do is limit how much this impacts our life as a pet owner!
Most dogs shed their hair seasonally, shedding more hair in the summer to keep them cooler by getting rid of their winter coat. And some dogs, like a German Shepherd, will shed hair all year round no matter the weather outside.
Here we will share the basics of hair shedding in dogs and how you can start winning what seems like an unwinnable war!

A Dog Brush or Grooming Mitt

A dog brush will be your best friend in your quest to control shedding. Brushing your dog will not only get rid of the loose fur, but it will also distribute the natural oils from your dog's skin all over the coat which will help maintain the health and vitality of your dog's coat.
You'll want to choose carefully as your choice of brush will depend on your breed of dog. For example, shorter hair breed like pugs and beagles will benefit from a regular bristle brush. However, if you have a Pomeranian or another breed with a longer coat then consider using a slicker brush.
If you don't have a brush, then a great start would be our basic grooming mitt that can be found here - https://happychappypets.com/products/basic-grooming-mitt
You'll know when you're done brushing as there won't be any more clumps or chunks of excess hair coming off the coat.

Showering or Bathing Regularly

Whether you do it yourself, or use a groomer, regular baths &/or showers will help:
  • Maintain control of excessive shedding
  • Keeping their coat shiny & healthy
It does this by loosening up and removing hair that would otherwise end up on your floor or in your car.


A less obvious way to reduce excessive shedding is through diet. Feeding your pet a high-quality diet
Providing a high-quality diet means providing all the nutrients your dog means to keep your coat looking its best. It can affect:
  • The amount of shedding that occurs
  • The quality of your dog's coat
  • Their overall health
This is a quick summary of the basics to start getting some control on hair shedding that occurs in your awesome dog. We will soon be releasing a further blog post with some awesome tricks that will save you hours and a huge amount of emotional and physical energy when getting the inevitable hair spillages out of your home and car!